A personal library of imagination

This TED talk gives viewers a glimpse into Internet entrepreneur Jay Walker’s personal “Library of Imagination.” If it were possible, I’d take my class on a field trip to see the many innovations Mr. Walker has collected. In the meantime, enjoy this video clip:


Some of the Best

Overall, creative definition projects were very well-done. Here’s a sample of the best products from Spring 2010–original, creative and innovative:

Preparing for our Last Week

Today we finish more than two weeks of class presentations led by you and your groups in an effort to give us a glimpse of how social media (generally) is affecting various facets of our society. After today we only have two class meetings left and here’s the plan:

Tuesday, April 27: Connecting Online

We will begin to tie things together and describe how the Internet and social media are facilitating new ways to connect. In preparation for our discussion, please take some time to review the following:

Thursday, April 29: Your Social Media Presence

We will wrap up our semester and you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your creative definition projects and your own social media creations (i.e., blogs, tweets, etc.).

Ideas for Creative Definition Projects

Hey, folks. Don’t forget your Creative Definitions Project which is due Thursday, April 29. As you are thinking about the channel for your project, remember you are only limited by your own creativity. To help spur your thinking about possibilities, check out:

Highlights for the Week April 4-10

OK, as usual, here are a few articles/posts that caught my eye this week. Hopefully they caught yours. If not, you can catch up simply by clicking on the links that follow:

Protected: Class Notes for April 6

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Highlights for the Week March 28 – April 3

Happy Easter, everyone! I’m not sure if anyone really noticed, but I’ve skipped a few weeks of highlights. However, I’m back with a few items that caught my attention recently. Hope you saw these stories: