Some of the Best

Overall, creative definition projects were very well-done. Here’s a sample of the best products from Spring 2010–original, creative and innovative:


Highlights for the Week March 28 – April 3

Happy Easter, everyone! I’m not sure if anyone really noticed, but I’ve skipped a few weeks of highlights. However, I’m back with a few items that caught my attention recently. Hope you saw these stories:

Highlights for the Week March 14-20

OK, folks, I know it’s Spring Break and you’re savoring the last few hours before we return to classes and wrap up a great semester. Like many of you, I escaped Cleveland and enjoyed a week at the beach. But, I kept an eye on social media and found these posts to be particularly interesting. Take a look:

Highlights for the Week March 7-13

Spring Break is upon us (March 14-20), so I’m not sure who will be following this Highlights post. Nevertheless, the world beyond academia doesn’t take off for Spring Break (thus, I’m glad to work in higher education!). So, while you’re on the beach (or doing whatever you need to do to rejuvenate for the rest of our semester), take a few minutes and review these worthwhile posts you might have missed during the past week:

Highlights for the Week Feb. 28-March 6

More to read and consider on the Social Web from this week, just in case you missed ’em:

Highlights from the Week Feb. 21-27

Here we go again. A few stories that caught my eye this week:

Additionally, I hope you’re seeing Mashable’s Weekly Guide to Social Media Job Openings. Here’s a link to this week’s list. This should give you some confidence that the things you’re discovering about social media are not entirely in vain.

Highlights from the Week Feb. 14-20

It’s been another interesting week on the Social Web. Here are a few stories you might have missed: