Solis seeks to understand the “me” in social media

While I typically collect and share discoveries in the weekly “Highlights” post, this one deserves its own and immediate alert.

Brian Solis, author of the recently published book titled “Engage,” published a most insightful post today titled “Behaviorgraphics Humanize the Social Web.” This epitomizes the critical analysis and synthesis (critical think skills) we talked about earlier this semester. Further, he insists that we must understand and be able to categorize the behavior of those interacting on the Social Web.

At the end of the post, Solis makes a very keen observation:

Social media tests the filter that divides inner monologue from disclosure. As our thoughts become words online, they color our avatars and profiles with a glimpse of our personality – who we are online and in the real world. Over time, it is how we put our words into action that establishes our character. And, it is our character, through the marriage of our words and actions that paves the way for relationships and opportunities.

Think about this and let’s discuss it in class (or feel free to comment right here!).


Did You Know? 4.0

Hey, folks, we didn’t get to this YouTube video in class Tuesday, but I think it’s well worth your viewing time. Watch it and let’s discuss it.

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