Do you need instant gratification?

If you are following Social Media Today, then hopefully a post from this morning caught your eye:

Kristin Dziadul, a recent grad from Western New England College, wrote about a trends back in February that’s become so prevalent in social media, education, and beyond:

Millennials Need Instant Gratification

She suggests that part of need stems from having grown up with the technology. But she goes on to posit that today’s technology is perpetuating the phenomenon. Do you agree that you need instant gratification? Can you think of some examples where this plays out in your life today? What happens when you don’t get the instantaneous feedback that you so desire? Think about it and let’s plan to discuss it in class next week.

P.S. While I just found Dziadul’s site through the SMT post and have only poked around it for a few minutes, I think it’s a great example of what you might be able to do with the blogs you’ve started in this course. Remember, it just takes time to develop the blog into something you can be proud of.